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Ále Campos is a multi-disciplinary artist and performer currently based in Chicago, IL. Their body of work is elastic in nature, stretching across a variety of modalities, mediums and presentational formats. In their non-binary approach to making, they generate live performances, which are often processed through the virtual stream and the camera, as well as works encompassing sculpture, text, sound, video and print media


At the core of their studio practice rests a commitment to drag and their persona, Celeste. They carry drag as a form of queer expression and performance with a reverance to its purest origins - the queer underground, the nightlife realm and the communities of the club. In fact, they also work and produce a wide range of happenings and events in this arena. But perhaps most importantly, they’ve located drag as a potent force for shaking the hegemonic forces that govern and bind the social. They implement drag as a tool for handling and re-constructing personal and cultural histories and mythologies for the sake of charting the nebulous aspects of their brown, intersectional identity whilst projecting towards the potential of future selves. They often mine the anecdotal past, extracting material such as texts from their grandparents collection of love poems and images of their mother’s pageant queen days; they maintain a strong belief in that the process of becoming isn’t a linear unfolding path, but rather a winding one that also requires returning to our formative experiences, our lineages, our places of origin. Within this framework they wield elements of queer longing and desire, sometimes even melancholy and love, as catalytic material for manifesting and conjuring alternative worlds and realities. Their fluid state as a maker, between “Ále” and “Celeste”, mirrors their investigations within what it means to move between states of hyper-visiblity and perhaps invisibility, and the inherent sliding scale of vulnerability these states come with, especially as marginalized peoples. At large, this fluidity is reflected across their practice as whole, where they maintain a slipperiness that allows them to create works that destabilize the gaze and skirt the traditional bounds of performance. Drag is a prism through which they challenge us to think about how we witness performance and look at the performer-body. 


Their practice is strengthened by their work in carving out spaces for queer community and expression out in the world. They operate as community organizer, curator, programmer, and host as well as performer, with a drive to create platforms that center drag and a variety of queer performance. In the summer of 2021, they brought to life  a traveling, mobile stage funded by a grant from the City of Hudson, to host a series of public, curated performance evenings, as well as other local artists and performers. These projects almost always involve large collaborative efforts and are centered in fostering a sense of togetherness, a celebration of queerness in all its shapes and forms, as well as bringing drag to the forefront as a powerful mode of expression and art making for all to participate in.

For them drag is a mindset - it is made manifest in makeup, costume and affect but can also be extended into a way of engaging with the world.

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MFA in Performance, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago / 2020 - 2022

Bachelor of Arts, Bennington College / 2012-2016  




2023    Unidentified & Flying, Roots & Culture, Chicago, IL

2023    MediaLive, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder, CO

2023   Works In Progress, Chicago Artists Coalition, Chicago, IL

2023    AT REST, Jude Gallery, Chicago, IL

2023.   Friday Night Late, The Other Fair, AMFM, Chicago, IL 

2023    New City 2023 Break Out Artists Exhibition, Chicago Artists Coalition, Chicago, IL

2023    The Body In Practice, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL

2022    Ground Floor Biennial Exhibition, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL 

2022    Canciones De Mi Padre, Heaven Gallery, Chicago, IL 

2022    AAA: Salon De Refuse, Kunsthalle Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany  

2022    Do You See Yourself In All of This?, Lane Meyer Projects, Denver, CO (SOLO) 

2022    Like A House On Fire, Comfort Station, Chicago, IL

2022    Yo Soy Museo (Opening Reception), National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago, IL

2022    Dance The Walk, Links Hall, Chicago, IL 

2022    Drag In Mutation (Look-Out Series), Steppenwolf Theater, Chicago, IL

2022    Art of Pride, Hyde Park Arts Center, Chicago, IL  

2022    Bimbofication Sensation (Opening Reception), Povos Gallery, Chicago, IL

2022    IMPACT Performance Festival (Thesis Show), SAIC, Chicago, IL

2021     Bells for Her, Ruschwoman, Chicago, IL 

2021     Gomez-Peña’s: A Living Museum and Archive (Pocha-Nostra Performance)

               Jane Addams Hull-House Museum, Chicago, IL 

2021     Recuredos (Closing Performance Evening), Co-Prosperity, Chicago, IL

2021     An Evening of Performance, Art, Sound & Video, No Nation Art Lab, Chicago, IL

2021     Abandoned Practices Institute (virtual showcase), Lumpen TV, Chicago, IL

2021     Queer Night of Performance: The Archives (Exhibition + Book Launch

              Co-Prosperity Catskill, Catskill, NY

2021     A Perpetual Whisper In Each Other’s Left Ear, The 405 Project, Hudson, NY

2020    Por La Noche (as part of “De Por Vida”), Company Gallery, NY, NY

2020    Old Ways New Tools (SAIC Virtual Performance Showcase), Chicago, IL

2020    PROJECT x PROJECT x PROJECT, Collar Works, Troy, NY

2019     Young Hudson Biennial, September Gallery, Hudson, NY 

2019     From Here, You’ll Never Leave, L&B, Hudson, NY

2019     Family Reunion, Club Sourdough, Brooklyn, NY

2019     GRAND BUFFET GROUP SHOW, Babayaga Gallery, Hudson, NY

2018     ISSUE 2: DEVOTIONAL, The Church, Troy, NY

2017     IN THE MIDDLE OF, 4-D Projects, Rhinebeck, NY





2023.   Together Again: A Queer Variety Show, Cafe Mustache, Chicago, IL. (on-going)

2022    Rumors, Dorian's, Chicago, IL  (on-going)

2021     SÉANCE, Kavi Gupta, Chicago, IL 

2021     Glitch! @280, SAIC / 280 S Columbus Dr., Chicago, IL 

2019     ARENA: NOCHE LATINX (CCSM FUNDRAISER), The Halfmoon, Hudson, NY

2018-   Queer Night of Performance Series (Monthly), Lil Deb’s Oasis, Hudson, NY





2023    Breakout Artist 2023, New City Art, Chicago, IL

2022    James Nelson Fellowship, SAIC, Chicago, IL

2020    Project Hudson Tourism Board Grant for HI-BEAM Mobile Stage Project

        Hudson, NY


2023    Chicago Artists' Coalition BOLT Residency 2023-4

2022    ACRE Residency (August)


2023    These multimedia artworks hint at new beginnings, The Reader, Dec 12

2023    Celeste Will Always Be The Alt Girl, Sixty Inches of Center, Oct 6

2023    New City Breakout Artists (20th Edition), New City Art Magazine, March 29 

2021    The School of Lil’ Deb’s Oasis, Eater, June 2

2021    ‘Old Ways New Tools’ explores performance beyond the rectangle, Chicago Reader, February 9

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