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"al otro lado" meaning, "on the other side". This project is a large scale performance work-in-progress performed in its first iteration at The Hyde Park Art Center for the closing of the Ground Floor Biennial Exhibition (March 2, 2023). 

It is a sequel or part two to my multimedia project, Con Esos Ojos.  It is a rhapsodic expression and addition to feelings I’ve explored for some time now around the queer work of mending severed ties to motherland/bloodline, a process that will most likely take a whole lifetime. It is part lipsync-conjuring-stream of consciousness-activation-acceptance speech. 

This work yearns to answer the question of a previous chapter, "do you see yourself in all of this?" The answer being "yes, but..." It is a coming to terms with the complicatedness and friction of in intersectional, queer identity caught in the sphere of the Salvadorian diaspora. 


photographed by Natasha Moustache, video documentation by Ruby Que (courtesy of Hyde Park Art Center)​

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