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Will You Remember Me?   (2020)

A short video performance-collage on the ideas of permanence, impression and stillness. An experiment in using the body as a queered portal, conduit and canvas for a universal sentiment of longing for intimate and public legacies. Held poses invoke monumental persona and character while blips of movement ground the act. Popular music is used as a tool to pluck on collective memories and mirror the interjected writing. 


the bounty I left for you, she told me it could not be so... / an angel came down and told me to bear all, and another told me to be careful. / what will you do with what's left of her, when she's gone? / you may never notice the pearl that slipped out behind her, though I certainly sure that someone will. / what will you do with what's left of her, when she's gone? / now, if you do think of her from time to time, it may be that the spring breeze will remind you of how she smiled back. / my heart will beat as fast as possible, just to try and get you to remember her. / will you dream of her? I'm not quite sure I could ever convincer her that you did. / an impression never understood, may never really lay still for your gaze. / it's such a shame, we'll never know the outcome. / will you miss me...will you miss me when I'm gone...will you miss when I'm long gone. 

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