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To Abandon A World   (2020)

A meditation on queer solace unearthed in the rural landscape. Why is it that some queer people move to rural areas and find comfort outside of cities, when? Is there a magic in the landscape? What, in nature, allows us to feel free?I find some answers to my questions through the life of a pioneer who's mostly flown under the radar of trans histories. This project includes a short essay, a restaged portrait, and a video. (commissioned by Hand Mirror)


An ode to Susanna Valenti, who established a trans haven in the small, rural mountain town of Jewett, NY in the 60's. The house was called Casa Susanna. Text in subtitles is extracted from Susanna's opinion column, "Susanna Saysin 1964 issue (no.24) of Transvestia, a lifestyle magazine for crossdressers and trans women. Tranvestia ran between 1960-1980 and was created by Virginia Prince.

Special thanks to Chaseholm Farm in Pine Plains, NY.

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