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Una Vez Reina, Siempre Una Reina  (2023) 

a live, durational performance during the opening night of 2023 New City Break Out Artist Exhibition.

Una Vez Reina, Siempre Una Reina is an invocation, an homage to my mother and her history as a pageant queen in 1980's El Salvador. In this experimental mode of performance, I attempt to psychically align my work as a contemporary queer drag-based performer and my mother's performance of femininity in her early 20's. Like a seance, this performance strives to bridge a gap of time, by re-creating/staging a portrait from the family archive. This work is most likely to become a part of a larger performance project in the making. 

Pageant gown recreated by local Chicago artist Favilinda.



photographed by Ashley Baranczyk

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