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onto a skin, highly reflective is an abstraction or rather a refraction of drag; it possesses a desire to free the drag persona from any one singular articulation. It muses over the multitudes of the projected psyche, the fluid states of creating version(s) of the self, seeing oneself through the eyes of others, as well as the care inherent in holding and witnessing each other as queer agents. Performed in green screen suits, the performance incorporates a live stream of visually mediated bodies both in space but also video. The performance is set to a score of live modulated sound and cello played by Liquid City Motors (Will Mitchell) and recorded original text written by me. 

This project's first iteration was created for and performed at SITE/less; it was crafted with the format of the SITE/less’ stage in mind: a stage that offered a unique audience format and a multitude of site-lines, something that really bolstered the poetics of the work itself. onto a skin is a collaborative project and will continue to be in future iterations. First collaborators include Bun Stout, Jasmine Lupe Mendoza, Melina Gaze, Will Mitchell. 

'a skin highly reflective, a surface with sharpened edge'

'a muse is a muse, is a muse, my muse, for us, for my my muse, only for you, for us, for them, a muse over muse'


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