~Miscellaneous Performance~

The works on this page include mini-projects, experiments, medium explorations, and performance "sketches" that stand alone or can be envisioned as parts of larger, future projects. These projects may not have names or fall under any label or category. 

"I'm Your Empress Of"

This video is an edited document of a live video performance that was streamed live on Instagram for JUDY BK's "Quarantina" show on April 4, 2020

Shot by Jesse Hart, Dress by Enky Bayar + Zia Anger, (song) "I'm Your Empress Of" by Empress Of, 

Set Design, Lighting, Editing and Performance by me 

LIVE FROM QUARANTINE: "Welcome to Celeste's World"

This is a short clip from a live video performance, as a part of a broadcast from Twitch. Video performance was live mixed by RRB, as a part of a larger project called "Live from Quarantine" - a weekly experimental broadcast combining live + prerecorded media, in response to social distancing caused by COVID-19. (March 20, 2020)

Set Design and Performance by me