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I Took To The Stars   (2021)

An experiment along my path of soul searching in the ancestral pool, through masa and corn. Learning through action. Connecting the constellation of stars between me, Celeste (my drag persona), my mother, the working women I grew up watching in my mother's bakery, the traditions carried in masa, and the Aztec / Pipil deity of abundance, nourishment and the femme aspects of corn - Chicomecoatl. A loving interpretation of her image. 


Document of a live performance and text for "Por La Noche" - an evening of performance as part of Company Gallery's exhibition "De Por Vida" curated by Ken Castaneda.

I Took To The Stars (text artifact)

I took to the stars

not to find myself lost -

but to recover her, my sweet mother.

I let you take my tongue 

for I do not speak yours

all the words familiar, she said:

"Hay que masarla bien, para que te quede rico."

I took to the stars 

because I couldn't remember

how it is that you got here.


I'm sure that it was hard 

for there is not much written about you. 

Take this gesture as an act of love 

because although I never knew you,

we are forever bound.

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