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GLITCH! @ 280:
An Evening of Queer F*!@king Performances   (2021)

A showcase of queer performance for and by the student community at SAIC, that primarily highlights a variety of works that center drag as a multidisciplinary practice and art form. This is a celebration of queerness and   non-heteronormative expression that aspires to encourage a cross-pollination of departments and foster collaboration across campus. This event also serves to situate and revolve other practices and mediums around drag performance, in order to discover a commons. It took over the front, streetside architecture of SAIC's

280 building. Making the exterior of the building our stage and imagining alternative spaces for happenings is a direct creative response to the limitations of performing indoors during the pandemic.

Performers: Pussy Grime, Celeste, La Lesbianas, Dorsey Swann, Nip Slip, red misterRess, Sweet Aussie B

Film/projection: Ruby Que 

DJ: 404 Not Found 


Special thanks to the Performance Department at SAIC for support, Josh Hoglund for major technical support, and to Carissa Pinckny and Camille Casemier for production assistance

Documentation by Eugene Tang


GLITCH! is a project curated, produced and hosted by Pussy Grime (Nikki Telegan) and Celeste (Ále Campos).

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