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Do You See Yourself In All of This?  (2022) 

Debut solo exhibition at Lane Meyer Projects in Denver, Colorado (September 30 - November 13)

"Titled after a question posed to Campos by their mother while on vacation in El Salvador, Do you see yourself in all of this? is a tender tribute to the self’s multitudes. The power of witness and the truth behind and within all performance comes to the forefront. With nods to the past, present, and future Ále Campos questions the body’s potential as a living landscape, challenging each of us to not only look, but to see." excerpt from exhibition text by Marsha Mack

features two digital prints on paper, one print on satin, an altar installation, and a two-channel video installation iteration of 'Con Esos Ojos / With Those Eyes' (2022).

photos taken by Erynn McConnell

Opening Reception on September 30th included a live duration performance + a drag performance at Pon Pon Bar 

9.30.22 - Ále Campos-0016.jpg

Gazing Odalisque, September 30, 2022, durational performance, face-kini & breastplate made by Bun Stout

9.30.22 - Ále Campos-0043.jpg

hover and click through the gallery below for details on the work featured in the exhibition 

drag performance following Gazing Odalisque in Pon Pon Bar during the opening

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