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AT REST is a durational performance-installation project made in collaboration with multimedia artist Vince Phan. This work was mounted and experienced for one night only for 5 hours on September 3, 2023 at Jude Gallery in Chicago, IL. Phan created a living, breathing, decaying environment and bed of live flowers within which I laid in for the duration of the "opening". Based on a mutual practices with ephemeral materials and modes of making, as well as shared interests in the ideas of conjuring beauty, stretching time and the "death" of a work, this tableaux-vivant scene implores the power of endurance in rest and stillness and the body as sculptural material. This project is a reliquary for the minutia of performance, for the quiet, performing body. Voyeurism is at work here too - the audience was kept at a 12 foot distance from the image, and my gaze averted, only slightly visible through the mirror cleverly angled towards the visitors or through a live camera feed from above the installation, being projected in an adjacent room. 

photographed by Natasha Moustache


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