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Armor (series)   (2018 - ongoing)

This is a series of wearable sculptures / headpieces / masks made for a wide variety of performances (2018 - current). I've envisioned them as a form of armor, pieces that invoke strength and protection while also carrying specific energetic qualities. When worn, they imbue me with specific personalities, feeling, or characters, almost as a form of possession. Each unique piece belongs to its own conceptual world and tells its own imaginary story. Inspiration for these wearables are vast but include BDSM fetish wear, animals, and the non-human / spirits. Materials and embellishments vary - synthetic hair, rhinestones, chain, crystal, bells, spray paint, plaster.


While these pieces are made for my own live performances, I am open to commissions and making them for other performers. Please contact for inquiries. 

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