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A Perpetual Whisper In Each Other's Left Ear   (2021) 

I took this window installation as an opportunity to explore a return to self-portraiture, a formative practice that has inevitably led to my performative works and life in drag. Drag for me is a form of possession. Throughout my work, I position myself as the vehicle or composer of a multitude of voices, including that of my mother pictured here at the bottom right. This piece particularly speaks to the multitude of inner voices, that move between “Ále" and “Celeste", and that guide the nuances of my practice as a performer and as a body that chooses not to conform. Illusion and fantasy are just as real as the intimate, solo studio practice behind creating such images. Text fragments are taken from my “Celeste Manifesto”, written this year. Ultimately, this piece is a loud celebration of an identity and persona that saved my life.

Commissioned by the 405 Project in Hudson, NY as part of their window installation series.

Up through June 2021-Sept 2021.

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