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42.26278, -73.61265   (2020)

42.26278, -73.61265 is a video performance and love letter dedicated to the cruising spots found in the rural landscapes of upstate New York, tucked away beside its scenic roads, deep in the forrest - to the intersections where the queer meets the rural, in moments of desire, fantasy, and lust, particularly in times of enforced distance and lack of touch. 

42.26278, -73.61265 are the coordinates to a cruising spot located off the Taconic State Parkway, near the rural town of Philmont, NY. Audio is composed of text written by me and words from, a website used for hookups and tracking global cruising spots. Song featured: "River Red Gum" by Acronym. 

absence of bodies

absence of risk 

the lurking presence of no one

the ghosts of encounters 

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